Siena Steakhouse

Meet Chef Pino, the Kitchen Maestro at Siena

True passion has driven Siena’s Executive Chef, Giuseppe “Pino” Napoletano from his home in Southern Italy to work in award-winning and Michelin-starred restaurants in the north and south of Italy, Switzerland, Germany, New York, Bangkok and now Phnom Penh. Executive Chef Giuseppe “Pino” Napoletano With Siena at Flatiron opening soon, last month we gave a brief insight […]

Presto a Siena! Real Italian Food…

It’s ironic that one of the world’s best-loved foods is also one of its most not-so-much misunderstood, but rather under-understood. Italian cuisine has a great deal more to offer than pizza and pasta, and that’s what we’re looking forward to bringing you at Siena at Flatiron. We took a small dive into Italy’s incredibly rich […]